The time for garden furniture has come to an end – it must now be put away into winter storage. There are a few little tips you can follow to ensure your garden furniture stays fit and ready until next spring rolls around. Here is how your garden furniture can overcome the winter with ease: After a thorough clean, it is recommended to use the correct cleaning agent for long-lasting protection. For every different material, there is a different cleaning agent to clean, care for and protect your ...
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Table tennis – table tops with chalkboard coating

Everyone will join in the fun! Trendy bars and clubs used to fill our ears with throbbing bass notes, but lately another sound has become quite common too: the click-clack of ping pong balls ...... click.... clack... that is the sound of table tennis. This game featuring a tiny, light-weight white ball has recently graduated into a hype for the young urban generation. The classic round-robin version of the game has started an unstoppable trend among teenagers and twens. This game is all about ...
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