It's spring cleaning time

It's garden time! The first rays of sunshine have been spotted over the last few weeks and we have probably all spent a couple of hours outside to enjoy this wonderful spring weather. The longer days entice us to wake our beloved garden furniture from their hibernation and to fetch it from the cellar. But just as we do in the morning, our cosy furniture needs a little care after its long break to shine again in a new light – that means spring cleaning! Luckily, we have some tools at our ...
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No Space in the Garage?

Many families use the garage as a storage space for bicycles, play vehicles, or garden equipment, which often means the car will have to do without a roof over its head. KETTLER can help create space with a ceiling-mounted bike bracket. This bicycle hoist keeps things tidy and creates floor space – after all: there is plenty of space on the ceiling! The ceiling bracket is suitable for all bike models. It can hold up to 25 kg and has a lifting height of 1.50 m. Plus you car can now come in, ...
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Let's go on holiday!

A holiday can often feel a bit like moving house, especially when you have kids. Depending on their age and size, the little ones often need quite a lot of things that simply can't be left behind on a holiday. Prams, buggies and beach shelters - an air mattress, beach toys, and above all a stack of fresh towels. Clothes for cold, warm, and hot days - shoes, sandals, rubber boots ... and all that for the whole family! It is enough to send you into despair. Good planning can ensure that you are ...
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Boring Sunday? Not with us!

Today you decide what happens! Enough with boring Sundays and going on the same walks week in, week out. The television and gaming consoles stay off today! Just plan a different Sunday together. Show us how nice your Sunday was. "Enjoy your life" is the KETTLER motto and possibly the perfect motto for family Sundays! We look forward to your photos – simply upload them to www.facebook.com/kettler.net. Here are a few ideas: Go to a water park and enjoy the water, waves and slides! A ...
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Caring for garden furniture

It is time for spring cleaning your garden furniture The most beautiful outdoor furniture can loose its lustre over time, but the right care products can help to significantly reduce the natural weathering process. Special care products can help keep your enjoyment in your very own "outdoor sitting room" alive a lot longer. Hardwood, aluminium, or resin – KETTLER offers the right care product for any material to allow your furniture to shine once again with that "just ...
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