Bike care – safety check in spring

Bike care – safety check in spring

Spring time = bike time!

As the temperatures begin creeping up in spring, you will feel like taking your bike on a sunshine spin once again. It is high time to get it out of the cellar for a check-up and overhaul. The following KETTLER tips will make sure that nothing will stand in your way of enjoying a safe trip out into nature:

  • Brake check: Check the profile of your break pads. Make sure to replace them if you see cracks or visible wear.
  • Tyre check: The perfect tyre pressure is usually printed on them, and will be somewhere between 2 and 4.5 bar. Almost every bike shop offers free pressure checks if you don't have your own pump handy.
  • Lights check: The brighter your lights, the better your visibility after nightfall – and more importantly: the better you will be visible for other road users. Safety first – KETTLER recommends modern LED technology front and back lights.
  • Chain and gearing check: Clean all moving parts (chain, gear shift, pedals, brake) with a cloth or some old rags. Then make sure to oil all parts to ensure smooth movement. Most suitable here is a thin oil, as it retains less dirt particles.