It's spring cleaning time

It's spring cleaning time

It's garden time!

The first rays of sunshine have been spotted over the last few weeks and we have probably all spent a couple of hours outside to enjoy this wonderful spring weather. The longer days entice us to wake our beloved garden furniture from their hibernation and to fetch it from the cellar.

But just as we do in the morning, our cosy furniture needs a little care after its long break to shine again in a new light – that means spring cleaning! Luckily, we have some tools at our disposal that turn the cleaning of our garden furniture into child’s play.

Let’s wind it back a few months – even if our garden furniture is weatherproof, it should be well protected during the cold winter months, so that our favourite furniture can bring us joy as long as possible. Of course, we have taken precautions and developed a fitting protective cover for every situation, protecting your outdoor furniture from rain and storm.

In addition, we have also developed some cleaners especially suited to different materials. With the right tools, the spring cleaning becomes a breeze and is done super-fast.


First of all, our furniture likes to be cleaned. To preserve the natural look of wooden furniture, we have developed a hardwood cleaner that will allow you to easily remove any impurities. To ensure that the cleaning process does not have to be repeated too often, we recommend treating the wooden furniture with our hardwood protection. In case the wood of your furniture has gotten a bit old and has taken on a grey patina, we recommend our hardwood reviver, which lets it shine again in its natural wooden tone. For teak furniture, our assortment includes a specially developed teak care oil.

Of course, we also took care of our plastic furniture lovers. With the help of our plastic cleaner, the furniture looks like new again, whether in white, blue or brown.

Very popular, too, are outdoor furniture made of aluminium and outdoor fabrics. Basically, a universal cleaner from your household is sufficient for the aluminium frame, but the fabric is pleased about a small special treatment with a special textile & wicker cleaner. This can also be used for braided fibres. If there is a scratch in the aluminium on the chair frame, you can make it disappear with our paint pen in the matching colour.

Do you already know our beautiful aluminium furniture with Sunbrella® fabric? If not, you should definitely get to know them. In order to keep the pleasant and optically chic outdoor fabric weatherproof, we recommend the Sunbrella® textile cleaner. This allows easy removal of dirt in order to clean the fabric first. This care program is complemented by the Sunbrella® textile impregnator. This ensures that the fabric remains weatherproof for many more beautiful years in the fresh air.

Those who love their garden furniture, clean and care for them! With these tips, your furniture will ensure a pleasant atmosphere and a happy summer mood for a long time to come.

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