All-round talent for fit fasciae

Would you like to improve your posture, strengthen your connective tissue, or simply less muscle soreness after a workout? Then you should get to know our KETTROLL! Because it is an absolute all-round talent and offers you a variety of uses. The term fascia has been on everyone’s lips for some time now – and rightly so, because fasciae form an important part of the connective tissue. A network of fasciae supports your entire body. It is therefore logical that it is good for the whole figure to ...
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Movement at the Office

„I like to move it, move it!“ sing the stars from the movie Madagascar – and rightly so! Because exercise is really good for us. Anyone who exercises regularly lives longer, is more productive, and more efficient. Our body loves movement in the fresh air the most because it clears the mind and allows us to work more creatively and with more concentration. However, too little movement in the everyday office life can have serious consequences. Back pain, headaches, tension – almost anyone who ...
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How to enjoy a good workout … even during the winter!

This time of year, once again, it gets dark much too early. The winter time change, unfortunately, makes it even worse -- and often one leaves home in the morning while it’s still dark, and returns home in the evening in the same pitch-black darkness. What can help get you through the bleak time of year? Cookies and hot chocolate? They help – but too much of them will not help your figure … which, by the way, is also the case with the evening session of being a “couch potato”. In the winter ...
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Mum‘s fit!

Famous young mothers like Michelle Hunziker, Gisele Bündchen, or Heidi Klum lead the way: Barely out of the hospital, they are slimmer and more attractive than ever, and positively glowing in tight outfits on the beach or on the catwalks and stages around the world. At the same time they are embracing their new motherhood, fulfilled by the wonderful experience of combining their jobs as celebrities and new mothers.Brand new mothers in the "normal world" look on astonished, asking ...
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Lounge furniture with comfortable seat height for the patio

Leisure time is a precious commodity, and especially during those warm summer days, we want to spend as much time as possible outside. With your friends, your family, or simply to relax on your own and forget about the stress of everyday life – and all that with as much comfort as possible. You want to feel just as comfortable on the patio as you would on the couch in your sitting room. The trend towards creating an oasis of comfort outside remains strong – and KETTLER has plenty to offer, for ...
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