How to enjoy a good workout … even during the winter!

How to enjoy a good workout … even during the winter!

This time of year, once again, it gets dark much too early. The winter time change, unfortunately, makes it even worse -- and often one leaves home in the morning while it’s still dark, and returns home in the evening in the same pitch-black darkness. What can help get you through the bleak time of year? Cookies and hot chocolate? They help – but too much of them will not help your figure … which, by the way, is also the case with the evening session of being a “couch potato”. In the winter it’s often hard to get motivated – this has to do with the lack of sunlight and the related reduction in Vitamin D for our bodies, but also with the seasonal lack of adequate movement. Of course, it’s not easy to get motivated each day and get out the door again after coming home. Anyone who prefers to spend the evening at home should consider bringing the exercise session into their own living room.

That can be easily done: for example, with the KETTLER Crossrack! It doesn’t require much space and looks cool too. It is guaranteed not to mutate into a clothing hanger – because it can be used in many ways and offers a variety of exercise options.

A total of 20 exercises can be carried out on the Crossrack. So you can integrate exercise into your everyday indoor routine, and do not need to go outside again when the weather is unpleasant.

Here you can see a few exercise variations!
Have fun and don’t let the winter get you down.

The Crossrack is ideal not only for targeted power training adapted to your own body weight, but also for coordination- and mobilization exercises. Especially effective with the CROSSRACK: the targeted exercise of the fasciae, which can reduce the wintertime increased risk of injury.

The perfect enhancement for fasciae training is provided by the KETTROLL, which also supports the regeneration of the muscle system. This winter, for the first time, this massage roll -- which is available in the different firmness degrees Soft, Medium and Hard – can be mounted with a Doorgym-Bracket in door frames and used for highly effective training of the body’s motor- and support muscles.