Movement at the Office

Movement at the Office

I like to move it, move it! sing the stars from the movie Madagascar – and rightly so! Because exercise is really good for us. Anyone who exercises regularly lives longer, is more productive, and more efficient. Our body loves movement in the fresh air the most because it clears the mind and allows us to work more creatively and with more concentration.

However, too little movement in the everyday office life can have serious consequences. Back pain, headaches, tension – almost anyone who sits at the desk for 8 hours a day knows this. Also, we become more susceptible to diseases like cancer, diabetes and depression. But many people do not even know how they can better integrate the necessary activity into their daily work.
Therefore, we have a few tips on how you can optimally accommodate the topic of movement in your office day in the future.

Hint 1: Bike instead of car
Did you know that 30% of all car trips could be accomplished by bike? [source: Federal Environment Agency, 2016]. Movement can be easily integrated into the daily work routine, especially in the morning. How about a refreshing bike ride instead of the well-known car ride? Cycling not only lets you enjoy the autumn sunshine, it also makes sure that your circulation gets going and you arrive at work bright and awake.
Even with longer distances, the comfortable car ride can be avoided. We recommend using public transportation and simply getting off one or two stops earlier to walk the rest of the way. And because all beginnings are difficult, you could take the train only on one day of the week at first and then gradually increase your routine.

Hint 2: Stairs instead of elevator
Climbing stairs makes you fit! And there are stairs everywhere. If you climb 400 steps a day, you burn as many calories as you would during a quarter hour of jogging. By the way: Each step increases your life by 1-2 seconds [source: Haufe, 2018]. Did you know that? In addition, climbing stairs is a great way to do some small but effective exercises: Try climbing the stairs on tiptoe or taking two steps at once. Sometimes even a sign by the elevator door, which kindly reminds us “Climbing stairs will make you fit!” can work wonders. You’ll be surprised who will be motivated to take the stairs next time.

Hint 3: Active instead of passive
Also when sitting on the office chair, it is important not to neglect movement. Stretching exercises can prevent back pain and tensions. Turning the seat of the desk chair or changing the seating position regularly already makes a great deal of difference. Even sitting on a nubby seat pad like the Air Pad promotes posture and blood circulation. Thusly, dynamic sitting is very important and can be realized through small exercises. An optimal solution is the KETTLER Office Ball. When sitting on the Office Ball, muscles are permanently but unconsciously active as they must compensate for the smallest movements. Thus, it is impossible for the spine to become stiff.
If you want a higher level of activity at your desk, you should get to know our KETTLER Office Ergometer. The combination of ergometer and desk allows you to easily incorporate light sporting activity in your daily work.

Hint 4: Standing instead of sitting
Getting up regularly can be accommodated in everyday office life – that’s nothing new. But how do you overcome the usual routine? Try re-organizing your office. We recommend placing the wastebasket at the other end of the room, as well as the printer. This way you create specific sequences of movement for routine tasks and walk a few additional steps automatically and without thinking about it.
If you wish for even more movement, we recommend the KETTLER Office treadmill. The integrated desk-treadmill combination makes it possible to incorporate enough exercise into the work routine and to tackle your step goal already at the office.
For tasks that cannot be relocated to the other end of the office but must take place while sitting, we have another secret weapon: Spring grips facilitate a short hand and arm training for in between. Do you hold the telephone receiver in your left hand? Then your right hand is free for a few simple moves, right?

Hint 5: Together instead of alone
Everything is more fun when you do it together! Convince and motivate your colleagues to also move more. Do the next brainstorming session while standing, for example, or save yourself the e-mail and personally walk to your colleague in the next office. Place a pilates ring into the hands of your conversation partner and do some quick upper body exercises while discussing your upcoming tasks. Set common goals and work together to bring more exercise into your daily work. Of course, you can share the various supportive accessories with your colleagues, not only to reduce the investment, but also to maximize the common benefits. Together, you will hold on to your goals and motivate each other!

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