Mum‘s fit!

Mum‘s fit!

After your pregnancy: get right back to your pre-baby body!

Famous young mothers like Michelle Hunziker, Gisele Bündchen, or Heidi Klum lead the way: Barely out of the hospital, they are slimmer and more attractive than ever, and positively glowing in tight outfits on the beach or on the catwalks and stages around the world. At the same time they are embracing their new motherhood, fulfilled by the wonderful experience of combining their jobs as celebrities and new mothers.Brand new mothers in the "normal world" look on astonished, asking themselves how on earth this is possible. After all, everyone dreams of quickly getting back to their pre-baby body without having personal trainers, nannies, or dieticians. For them the main concerns are returning to a job, keeping up the household, watching the children, and all of the other small things that need doing on a day-to-day basis. The trips to and from the gym, plus the time it takes to do the actual workouts, simply won't fit into an average working woman's day, and not everyone has a babysitter ready and waiting to suit their own schedule.What could be better than simply bringing your fitness routine right into your home, so you can workout and exercise whenever the kids, job and household allow you to.

Functional Training

Admittedly, you do require a decent amount of discipline and perseverance. The answer to your problem could be the  KETTLER "Functional Training System".
Functional Training is the latest trend in home fitness. It livens up all the old gym classics and offers the perfect solution for an effective and efficient workout. Coordination, mobility, strength, and stamina are all equally trained. Functional Training provides physical stability and will have you ready to face whatever life throws at you. A recommendation for everyone who wishes to stay fit, with or without a baby, is highly motivated, and above all wants to workout stress-free and in their own time.
A specially developed app enhances the fun even more, and provides a record of all your progress and success.
To ensure your own well-being, we recommend that all new mothers – after consulting with your midwife and doctor – continue to take part in a postnatal gymnastics course. Many mothers will only then be ready to take on a more ambitious fitness program.