He, She, It – Gift ideas for everyone!

He, She, It – Gift ideas for everyone!

„From out the forest I now appear; To proclaim that Christmastide is here!“ – Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are facing the question: With which special something can I please my beloved ones this year? We would like to simplify your pre-Christmas period a bit and provide you with inspiration and gift ideas.

Probably the easiest gifts to give are for little grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and children who just want to play all day! The SLIDDY is suitable for young adventurers from 18 months and not only brings a lot of fun, but also promotes the sense of balance and coordination of movement.
SLIDDY green (0T08015-0000) | Boy (0T08015-0020) | Girl (0T08015-0030) – RRP: €44,99

You still need a present for your best friend? We recommend the KETTROLL! The fasciae roll is super light, handy and a real miracle for the whole body! It dissolves bonded fasciae, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and increases mobility.
KETTROLL soft (07372-900) | medium (07372-800) | hard (07372-700) – RRP: €29,95

Are you looking for a gift idea for your sports enthusiast friend? How about the Crossrack? It offers a variety of full-body exercises, takes up little space and is easy to carry.
Crossrack (07707-770) – RRP: €149,95

Finding a present for a teenager is usually a difficult task. Often, their wishes are not properly assessed, and nobody wants to see long faces under the Christmas tree. Our tip: Keep the gift neutral. We guarantee you won’t go wrong with a trendy beanbag, for example. The Chilli fits well in every living room or in the spring on every balcony or in the garden. The Chilli is not only waterproof – you can handle it rather carelessly too – it can endure a lot.
Chilli grey (0300055-8876) | anthracite (0300055-8877) | marine (0300055-8909) | bordeaux (0300055-8910) – RRP: €199,90

A classic conquers the next generation! As a child, did you drive through the neighbourhood with your KETTCAR? Give this piece of childhood memory back to the little adventurers of today! KETTCARs are suitable for children from 3 to 12 years and are available in different variants. Super plus: While driving the KETTCAR, digital toys are forgotten for a while. The movement in the fresh air clears the head, promotes creativity and thinking ability – oh yes – the physical activity just feels good. After that, playing on the console is fun again, and perfectly allowed.
Example: KETTCAR Daytona Air (T01020-0000) – RRP: €199,99

Would you like to spend more time with the entire family, with lots of fun and despite all wind and weather? Bring them all together at the table – the ping pong table! With the Outdoor 10 ping pong table you cann all practice the first serve in the garage on Christmas Eve – and in the summer you roll the table out into the garden. Whether exciting duels or circuits for young and old, there is something for everyone in a table tennis game!
Outdoor 10 grau/blau (07178-900) | umbra/green (07178-950) – RRP: €699,95

Has your grandma always been a huge fan of Marily Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich? With the Paradise swing she can at least swing like they do in Hollywood! In the Hollywood swing, wonderfully cosy afternoons can be spent, and you have plenty of time to read, relax or dream of the big screen!
Paradise swing (0312809-0010) – RRP: €549,00

Mom is looking for a way to be more active, but doesn’t want to put another space-eating device in the house? How about a mini stepper? It displays time, steps, cadence, and energy consumption, and provides even pedalling resistance. Perfect for incorporating a quick workout into the stressful everyday life!
Mini stepper with computer (07873-750) – RRP: €99,95

Aunts, mothers, grandmas, friends - who isn't happy about beautiful and at the same time practical decorative elements? Granny not only combines timeless design with robust quality; the chic side tables can also be used as a stool!
Granny stool/side table 3-pcs set sand (0313930-0800) | antique pink (0313930-0810) | blackberry (0313930-0820) - RRP: €169,90 

Are you still looking for a useful gift for the schoolchildren in the family? The new MAZE desk series combines modern design with trendy colours and many functional features. The desks grow with the owner, are ergonomically adjustable and perfectly adapt to the needs of the students. By the way: The MAZE desk has just won the German Design Award!
MAZE desk grey (0W10301-2010) | 7 additional colours available

Grandpa still has his age-old exercise bike in the office? Surprise him with a new training device which not only keeps him fit, but also supports his back. The Giro R3 is easily adjustable, has 15 resistance levels and a high-quality training computer. A little tip: Even the grandchildren can work off the hearty Christmas menu in the living room with the Giro R3.
Giro R3 (07689-370) – RRP: €799,95

Simply letting your thoughts wander and enjoying a pleasant day with your loved ones in the fresh air? The 2-person Basic Plus bench invites you to do just that. And it easily changes its place exactly where it is needed most.
Basic Plus 2-person bench (0301211-0000) – RRP: €369,00

Hopefully our gift ideas gave you some inspiration. You can find your trusted dealer in your area here: Dealer Locator. We wish you all a relaxing pre-Christmas time, a wonderful celebration, and a magical time with your loved ones!