Hibernation for your Garden Furniture

Hibernation for your Garden Furniture

The time for garden furniture has come to an end – it must now be put away into winter storage. There are a few little tips you can follow to ensure your garden furniture stays fit and ready until next spring rolls around.

Here is how your garden furniture can overcome the winter with ease:

After a thorough clean, it is recommended to use the correct cleaning agent for long-lasting protection. For every different material, there is a different cleaning agent to clean, care for and protect your furniture. The maintenance requirements are highly dependent on the material. Wooden furniture may be the most natural ones, but they require more attention to keep the warm wood tones for as long as possible. Synthetics and aluminium on the other hand are potentially the best materials for use in the garden. You can be quite carefree with leisure furniture made from these materials and maintenance as well as cleaning is quick and easy.

Aside from cleaning, it is important to find a suitable winter shelter for the leisure furniture. It should ideally be stored in a dry place. Not everyone has the space to provide this storage, be it in the cellar or a garden shed, so KETTLER offers diverse protective covers for tables, chairs, Hollywood hammocks, sunloungers and parasols. This makes it possible to store leisure furniture outdoors over the winter whilst staying protected from the cold and rain. The KETTLER protective covers are made of high-quality polyester fabric, and are water-repellent on the inside as well as the outside.

Further recommendation: enjoy the winter and look forward to the coming spring!