Natural Rowing!

PERFECT YOUR PERFORMANCE STROKE BY STROKE WITH THE COACHThe innovative rowing machines of the KETTLER COACH series offer highest quality, appealing design and extensive training possibilities. As one of the most effective strength endurance sports, rowing has gained popularity in recent years - and rightly so! On a rowing machine you can train your entire musculature and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Increase your strength and endurance with every rowing session. ROWING AT HOME? NOT ON ...
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The Indoor-Running Revolution!

Charge your run! For many athletes, indoor running training is no longer just an alternative to bad weather, but has long since become a firmly integrated training unit. With the KETTLER TRACK S series indoor training becomes a real running pleasure and enables a running experience like on clouds! The Infinergy® material patented by BASF is not only the heart of the highly innovative treadmills, but also offers you an authentic running feeling. The white high-tech material used in the Energy ...
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Rowing is just for the summer?

Autumn is here, so get out of the water and start rowing in your own home! Rowing is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. That is not much of a surprise, as the sport combines strength and endurance training. Being close to nature and accomplishing goals as part of a team can be very motivating. Training can be done competitively in one of the over 600 German clubs (as per the DRV – the German Rowing Association), or you can do it as a hobby on many rivers and lakes – as a team or simply ...
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Do something for your health! – But what?

Here is your recipe for healthy exercise: Many illnesses are caused by our lack of exercise. It is not just the musculoskeletal system that suffers, the organs can also start causing problems, above all the heart. Regular exercise and sports activities also significantly reduce the risk of cancer. Magazines are full of good advice and tips on the subject of fitness, workouts, and healthy movement. The variety of training options is immense, from gym trials and yoga courses all the way to ...
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Walking in any weather

Get fit walking! Have all those New Year's resolutions been forgotten once again? Truth is, everyday life catches up with you, and the drive for regular endurance training soon makes way for other things. One little walk a day, however, could be a tremendous help for your overall fitness levels, strengthen your heart, and lower your heart rate at rest. Those who find it hard to get motivated for outdoor exercises can create a fitness space in the comfort of their own home. A great motivation ...
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