The Indoor-Running Revolution!

The Indoor-Running Revolution!

Charge your run!

For many athletes, indoor running training is no longer just an alternative to bad weather, but has long since become a firmly integrated training unit. With the KETTLER TRACK S series indoor training becomes a real running pleasure and enables a running experience like on clouds!

The Infinergy® material patented by BASF is not only the heart of the highly innovative treadmills, but also offers you an authentic running feeling. The white high-tech material used in the Energy Deck provides the runner with optimum cushioning and great energy return at every step. The athlete benefits from a more dynamic and faster running style. Training sessions on the KETTLER TRACK S treadmills are particularly comfortable and quiet due to the light-weight foam, which consists of many small, elastic foam beads.

The modern and intuitive display allows several runners to use the treadmill optimally. Both gradient and speed can be individually adjusted to the performance level. Different training programs can be selected for all treadmills. Gradient runs and interval runs can easily be simulated by the KETTLER TRACK S treadmills and make your training session a real running experience within your own four walls. Varied workouts and effective units help the athlete to achieve his or her athletic goals in the best possible way. For example, mountain runs on your KETTLER TRACK S allow an effective training and an intensive stimulation for the muscles. All important parameters such as duration, intensity, stress and recovery phases can be ideally regulated. This is how the treadmill becomes your personal fitness trainer!

All devices of the KETTLER TRACK S series are compatible with Bluetooth®, so that the treadmills can be easily and practically connected to all common fitness apps, training sensors or sports watches.

In addition, the fold-up treadmills are not only space-saving, but with their modern design also become a functional eye-catcher in every living room. Integrated fans ensure pleasant ventilation even with intensive units. The necessary musical support is provided by integrated loudspeakers, which bring the motivation to a climax and optimally round off the training.

Powerful engines - large running surfaces
The new KETTLER TRACK treadmills are equipped with powerful and durable motors as well as large running surfaces. The top model KETTLER TRACK S10 even has an AC motor.

Sophisticated ergonomics - everything within reach
An uncomfortable treadmill operation interrupts the running rhythm. That is why KETTLER has optimized the arrangement of the operating elements from an ergonomic point of view. For example, all KETTLER TRACK treadmills are equipped with switches on the handrails and pulse collectors within reach.

Chilling while running? - It's that simple!
A treadmill unit is sweaty. That is why KETTLER provides the necessary comfort for every run. The built-in fan provides cooling. The built-in speakers deliver the sound of your favourite playlist. Fan and speakers are standard on all KETTLER TRACK treadmills.

Guided Running - Training with concept
KETTLER stands for good sports equipment. At the same time, KETTLER also stands for the sports science-based training concepts it contains. The training programs in the KETTLER TRACK treadmills are suitable for runners of all performance levels. Background information on the trainings can be found in the Running Guide

All values in view - this also applies to the sports watch
The sports watch is indispensable for many runners as a training planner, for displaying pulse values or for recording their personal running performance. To make the watch easy to read even on the treadmill unit, a removable sports watch holder is located directly next to the display of each KETTLER TRACK treadmill.

Plenty of storage space - without annoying rattling
Each KETTLER TRACK treadmill is equipped with a tablet holder. The rubberized storage area and the safety clip provide reliable protection for the tablet. To the right and left of the display there are also two storage compartments made of sound-absorbing soft plastic for drinking bottles and other utensils.

The new cockpit - pleasantly tidy
Countless keys, constantly changing displays, flashing LEDs? Many treadmill cockpits confuse with an oversupply of controls. The KETTLER TRACK treadmills are pleasantly different: thanks to a few, clearly arranged keys they can be operated comfortably. In addition, the acrylic glass surface of the display gives the treadmills a high-quality, elegant appearance.

Customized View - the configured screen
Which training values should the treadmill display during training? The personal conceptions go here far apart. That is why KETTLER invented the Customized View: Choose between a minimalist screen that shows you only the most important values and an expert screen with all values, a training matrix and a running animation. You can also configure intermediate solutions according to your personal needs. This way the training screen fits your personal information needs.

Menu in local language - For more comfort
SET, MODE, COUNT, DIST,... many fitness computers confront us with English words and abbreviations. This leads to misunderstandings and complicates the operation of the device. Therefore KETTLER has provided the menu navigation in all new KETTLER TRACK treadmills in over 20 selectable languages.

Intuitive operation - thanks to good menu navigation
Whether smartphone or navigation system: The best and most intuitive operating concepts rely on a clear, immediately understandable menu navigation. The new KETTLER TRACK treadmills follow this trend and can be adjusted comfortably thanks to the upstream menu. The menu logic corresponds to the successful concept of the KETTLER Premium and Advanced displays. This makes getting started particularly easy and manual reading almost superfluous.

The KETTLER BLUETOOTH concept offers these advantages:

1. Many sports apps can be combined with KETTLER products
More and more sports apps rely on the same transmission standard as KETTLER. This enables the use of more and more APPs on the market. Do you fancy a run in the Zwift APP? No problem! The KETTLER TRACK Treadmill transfers the running speed to the APP.

2. Communicate with sports watches or heart rate monitors
There is also standardization in the transmission standard for chest straps, watches and the like. Many BLUETOOTH chest straps, sports watches and optical heart rate sensors are already compatible with the KETTLER TRACK treadmills.

3. All treadmills are compatible with KETTMaps
KETTMaps is the training software from KETTLER. More than 120,000 km of video-realistic track material provide variety during the training. From the short running lap to the alpine cross: there is the right track for every performance level and every requirement. Public trainings start hourly, where you can compete with like-minded people. How about a mountain stage after work, for example? No problem: KETTMaps offers offers for runners, cyclists and rowers.

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