Do something for your health! – But what?

Do something for your health! – But what?

Here is your recipe for healthy exercise:

Many illnesses are caused by our lack of exercise. It is not just the musculoskeletal system that suffers, the organs can also start causing problems, above all the heart. Regular exercise and sports activities also significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Magazines are full of good advice and tips on the subject of fitness, workouts, and healthy movement. The variety of training options is immense, from gym trials and yoga courses all the way to individual training sessions with personal trainers, wellness courses, walking groups, or evening swim courses after work.

My sport

But how do I find "my" sport and the right balance for me? How do I make sure that I stay motivated and keep having fun? The biggest problem is often staying focused.

Maybe the right thing for you is a combination of walking sessions with friends and regular workouts at home on the cross trainer or ergometer. Doing exercise routines at home has been very popular for many years and is often recommended by orthopaedics and rehabilitation centres. An exercise machine that keeps your heart rate under control, but also shows when its overloaded and underloaded is perfect for an effective workout.

 KETTLER products have dominated the fitness market for 65 years for a very good reason. Technology has swiftly developed from the early exercise bikes to high-tech ergometer. Many KETTLER machines come with an integrated electronic display to keep track of your heart rate and to ensure you are exercising within an optimized performance range. Training results are saved and targets set. Setting goals for yourself is fun and keeps up your motivation. The obvious advantage of a home trainer is the flexibility you have for working out whenever you have time. Your home gym is always open for you, their are no time-consuming journeys there and back, and there are no monthly fees.

Whatever type of exercise you decide is right for you – start slowly and build up a certain degree of regularity. You will quickly get used to your fitness routine - so don't just sit back and relax, get moving! Your body, soul, and spirit will thank you!

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