Fit For Fun approved

Fit For Fun approved

Indoor training on the treadmill offers various advantages. Which recreational sportsman really likes to run in storm, rain or heat? Indoor running facilitates the run even in extreme weather conditions and is especially recommended for beginning runners! Because with the treadmill, it’s not the track that determines your incline, but you. And you can stop when you can’t go further, and the treadmill helps you capture and analyse your results to make your training even more efficient the next time.

We are very proud of our newly developed treadmills with the extremely joint-gentle damping system. The KETTLER Energy Deck is the heart of the highly innovative treadmills from the KETTLER Track S series. The new technology provides the runner with optimal cushioning and great energy return with every step. The „Fit for Fun” also noticed this. In their issue 01/2019 they took a close look at our new treadmills and came to the following result:

Speed and intensity control on the treadmills are straightforward, the new equipment has a variety of programs, and even in the North German lowlands it offers the opportunity to complete intensive mountain running. New cushioning systems, such as the Kettler Track S series, spare the joints and ligaments while enabling a more dynamic run. In the Energy Deck, as Kettler calls his new rubber, foam should give the runner more impact energy. This technology is already known from running shoes such as the Boost (Adidas), React (Nike), Fuelcell (New Balance) or DNA AMP (Brooks). Another advantage of the Energy Deck: The noise level is significantly lower than many other running surfaces – interesting for use in a flat.“ (Stefanie Naumann, Fit for Fun, issue 01/2019)

The issue is worthwhile not only if you want to learn about treadmills. You also get great tips for more effective running training and much more.

Would you like to learn more about our innovative new treadmills from the KETTLER Track S series? Click here for the blog post: THE INDOOR RUNNING REVOLUTION.