Natural Rowing!

Natural Rowing!

The innovative rowing machines of the KETTLER COACH series offer highest quality, appealing design and extensive training possibilities. As one of the most effective strength endurance sports, rowing has gained popularity in recent years - and rightly so! On a rowing machine you can train your entire musculature and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Increase your strength and endurance with every rowing session.

Water has power. Rowers know how to use water power perfectly to their advantage like probably no other athlete. Since the entire musculature is used during the rowing movement, short intensive workouts which are training-specifically integrated, are very goalprominent. This means that the training effect is guaranteed due to the absolute physical strain, regardless of whether intensive HIIT workout or endurance rowing over a long period of time. Especially positive: No muscular imbalances are formed thanks to the holistic training. Therefore, rowing is absolutely recommended also from a health aspect.

The high quality duo rail alloy frame ensures a special and smooth rowing motion. The COACH rowing machines are space-savingly designed, so that it can be simply folded up and stowed away after a sweaty training unit. They are available up to a body height of 2 m and a weight of 150 kg. Thanks to the modern loop design, they are also a real eye-catcher in every living room. The training intensity can be regulated through the volume of the innovative water tank. In addition, the sound of the water almost lets you sniff sea air. All newly developed rowing machines from the COACH series are equipped with a large, intuitive display that keeps you up to date on your training workload. This display also supports you in your optimal workout with many integrated programs at different levels.

The new KETTLER COACH series invites you to a sweaty whole body workout at home. Experience the fascination of hydropower, the intensity- dependent resistance that will take you a bit closer to your best shape with every stroke you take.

Outstanding core features of the COACH series:

  • Dynamic Loop-Design - Minimalist look industrial style
  • Space savingly designed for your Gym@Home
  • Integrated water tank in the COACH H2O - for an authentic rowing feeling and a workout experience like on water
  • Resistance variable through your own rowing power
  • High training comfort due to ergonomics concept - optimally hand-shaped rowing handle
  • Duo Rail alloy frame for smooth rowing motion
  • Length-adjustable foot rests for your individual training comfort
  • COACH H2O, COACH 10 und COACH 6 are Made in Germany!
  • Training computer with a clear display - latest bluetooth-standard
  • Connect yourself with sports apps, watches and heart rate monitors

Discover the new KETTLER COACH series in minimalist design!

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