Rowing is just for the summer?

Rowing is just for the summer?

Autumn is here, so get out of the water and start rowing in your own home!

Rowing is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. That is not much of a surprise, as the sport combines strength and endurance training. Being close to nature and accomplishing goals as part of a team can be very motivating. Training can be done competitively in one of the over 600 German clubs (as per the DRV – the German Rowing Association), or you can do it as a hobby on many rivers and lakes – as a team or simply by yourself, one-on-one with nature.

But the cold, wind and rain can make outdoor training impossible sometimes, and the motivation to train can quite easily fall overboard, especially in the autumn and winter months. To ensure you neither fall behind on your training nor have to brave the bad weather, it is recommended to move your training into the comfort of your own home.

If the feeling of real water under you is missing, then the equipment you use should give you the most authentic rowing experience possible, making you feel like you are right back out on the river or lake.

Indoor rowing

The Coach S by KETTLER – for example – perfectly simulates water resistance. The brake reacts to the direction and speed of each oar stroke. Technical features like a training computer with glass touch function for quickly changing between time, route and oar strokes, as well as the wireless connection to the KETTLER World Tours 2.0 training software provide additional training incentives and ensure the right level of motivation. Detailed training evaluations from pulse-controlled profiles turns the Coach S into a real personal trainer and the perfect partner, especially for performance athletes.

The Coach S makes wind, rain and cold a thing of the past. So row yourself into shape – spring is on its way!