With super powers through the fall

Continuous fog, wet and cold weather, whistling wind. From time to time, the golden fall also presents its bad side. The changing temperatures especially put our immune system to the test. Often, we are plagued by annoying colds and flu bouts. How we can get through fall fit and healthy and gain real immune system super power - despite uncomfortably cold weather – you can find out here: Hint 1: Outdoors rocks! Exercise in the fresh airEven if the weather does not seem inviting for a nice fall ...
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Imagination - Power for the Soul!

In addition to the traditional play equipment like swings, single bars or slides, parents should give their kids creative zones in the garden. How about building caves in bushes and under willow trees! A great place for arguments and play, for wonderful discoveries and hide and seek. Imagination can take flight here, and your kids will write the first chapters in the stories of their lives. This will make a garden more than just a playground, it will become a natural experience. A small ...
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Playing outside: Kids love to discover nature!

Play outside – nature is fun! More and more children suffer from the effects of insufficient movement. It has become rare for kids to have adventures outdoors and discover nature. They no longer look at all the interesting insects to be found in the long grass, and hardly ever experience the simple joy of splashing through the puddles with a bike, or play hide and seek outside as the sun sets. KETTLER wants to encourage children to once again discover the wonders of nature. To feel the breeze ...
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Table tennis – table tops with chalkboard coating

Everyone will join in the fun! Trendy bars and clubs used to fill our ears with throbbing bass notes, but lately another sound has become quite common too: the click-clack of ping pong balls ...... click.... clack... that is the sound of table tennis. This game featuring a tiny, light-weight white ball has recently graduated into a hype for the young urban generation. The classic round-robin version of the game has started an unstoppable trend among teenagers and twens. This game is all about ...
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