Kickoff Kickboard

Kickoff Kickboard

Driving pleasure on three wheels

For the kids, not a day passes without movement, fun and adventure! No matter the weather, they love to run around outside from morning to night. No monkey bar is too high, no slide too wild and no vehicle too fast. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to expand our toy vehicle range this year with a colourful, new version!

Life is colourful!

The new KETTLER kickboards ZAZZY and KWIZZY are wonderful additions to the vehicle fleet of every little racer. They allow a completely new, intuitive driving experience as they are controlled by weight transfer. Thanks to their low weight of 2.5 kg, the removable handlebar and the carrying handle on the front of the footboard, the kickboards can be easily transported and stowed away to save space. This way the little ones can easily take them on a Sunday stroll, proudly present them to grandma or stow them in their luggage.

In addition, the bright colours and the cool design of the running board make the new scooters real eye-catchers. We recommend KWIZZY for children from 5 years. Thanks to the practical height adjustment of the handlebar, ZAZZY is even suitable for 3-year olds! The three wheels make the first driving successes easy, even for inexperienced children.

„It was our ambition to include a product in the range that motivates especially younger children to move outside in the fresh air every day. The fun of outdoor activities is already influenced at a young age. If these “moving” experiences are lacking, children train their fine motor and coordination skills less or not at all,” says Matthias Sauer, business unit manager Play&Child.

With every KETTLER kickboard tour, the children train their coordination and balance, and prepare themselves for the next play vehicle, such as scooters or later the bicycle. With the new kickboards from KETTLER, the little ones pull off a real kickstart!

More information on ZAZZY and KWIZZY can be found here: KETTLER kickboards