Playing outside: Kids love to discover nature!

Playing outside: Kids love to discover nature!

Attractive play equipment and play vehicles create motivation.

Play outside – nature is fun!

More and more children suffer from the effects of insufficient movement. It has become rare for kids to have adventures outdoors and discover nature. They no longer look at all the interesting insects to be found in the long grass, and hardly ever experience the simple joy of splashing through the puddles with a bike, or play hide and seek outside as the sun sets.

KETTLER wants to encourage children to once again discover the wonders of nature. To feel the breeze while cycling. To once again build sandcastles and let their imagination take flight. To once again tire themselves with outdoor activities, enjoying the weather – be it sunshine, snow, or rain. For this, children need time and certain areas of freedom – and parents need to make sure to give their children “space” to do so. The greatest gift you can give your child is the possibility to be creative.

Image: Kid's bikes, play tower, play vehicle