With super powers through the fall

With super powers through the fall

Continuous fog, wet and cold weather, whistling wind. From time to time, the golden fall also presents its bad side. The changing temperatures especially put our immune system to the test. Often, we are plagued by annoying colds and flu bouts. How we can get through fall fit and healthy and gain real immune system super power - despite uncomfortably cold weather – you can find out here:

Hint 1: Outdoors rocks! Exercise in the fresh air
Even if the weather does not seem inviting for a nice fall walk, we should still put on our weatherproof clothes and dare to venture outdoors. Exercise in the fresh air improves the blood flow and circulation. Even a small round can already work wonders. Especially for younger children, who are still struggling with many infections during the cold season, the daily physical activity outside is important. The motivation comes by itself when the right toy vehicle is just outside the front door. A KETTCAR or balance bike quickly lets you forget the bad weather.

Hint 2: Try it! Vitamin and mineral rich nutrition
Especially in autumn, it is important to consume many vitamins. Local fruits and winter vegetables are as healthy as they are tasty. Particularly vitamin C and zinc support the immune system. For example, broccoli, various types of cabbage, apples and pears, as well as protein-rich foods such as meat, poultry, milk and cheese are important to get through the fall healthy. This is nothing new – nevertheless, it is often difficult to inspire children to a balanced diet. Cooking together can help excite the kids about healthy food. We recommend a clear cooking rule: Anyone who prepared, must try. When children have tasted a food about 10 times, they stop categorically rejecting the dish. Try it!

Hint 3: Well packed! The right clothes are key
„There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!“ – this saying is well known. The layer look is not just a fashion statement. By wearing layered clothes, your kids are well prepared for the cold season. If the sun comes out unexpectedly, the children can quickly start to sweat during their wild play. Several layers offer the possibility to remove the lighter fall jacket and prevent a cold.

Hint 4: Nice sleep! Your immune system loves enough sleep
During sleep, the body recovers and forms new defenses. Therefore, it is important that the body gets enough sleep during the fall months. Children require a lot more than adults every day. At the age of 1-3 years, children need up to 12 hours of sleep. 4-6 year olds usually take 10-11.5 hours to start the next day with new energy and full power.

Hint 5: Natural ventilation! Air your rooms properly by cross ventilation
In the heated and dry children’s room, bacteria and viruses feel particularly at home. Dry mucous membranes and respiratory tracts are less resistant. It is therefore important to ventilate regularly. Cross ventilation is the answer to unwanted viruses in the room. Several times a day the windows should be opened for a short time to let fresh air into the room – and right away you can play safely again.